Wood Knife Blocks

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These Wood Knife Blocks are handcrafted by A Gift of Wood. Each handcrafted Wood Knife Block measures 12 1/2 inches long, 5 inches wide, 3 1/2 inches thick and stands 10 1/2 inches high, and it is made of solid hardwoods with six slots. An ideal accessory for any knife sets. There are two slots 1/8 inch by 7/8 inch for boning and fillet knives, two slots 1/8 inch by 1 1/4 inches for heavy knives, one 1/8 inch by 2 1/4 inches for a butcher knife, and the steel slot is 1/2 inch square. All slots extend the entire length of the block.

12 1/2 in. long
5 in. wide
10 1/2 in. tall
6 slots extend the entire length of block
2 - 1/8 x 7/8 in. for boning and fillet knives
2- 1/8 x 1 1/4 in. for heavy knives
1/8 x 2 1/4 in. for a butcher knife
1/2 in. square for a steel
Clear lacquer varnish finish