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Elk Summer Sausage Gift Box

Navarino Valley Elk & Bison Ranch

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Smoked Meats and Sausages
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Treat yourself to an assortment of three elk summer sausages with the Elk Summer Sausage Gift Box, from Navarino Valley Elk and Bison Ranch. Choose either Original or Spicy flavor. Your choice of three German-style elk sausages, either regular or pepperwurst. Each sausage is 12 ounces. Elk is high in protein and contains iron, zinc, and many of the B vitamins. In addition, elk summer sausage is mild flavored, tender, and naturally very low in fat and cholesterol. The Spicy flavor contains natural red peppers that make each bite a new spicy delight. Savor some of Wisconsin's delicious summer sausage made with animals naturally fed, no antibiotics, and growth hormone free. Shelf stable for up to 1 year. Upon opening, sausage needs to be refrigerated.

 Ingredients: elk, pork, beef, water, dextrose, salt, msg, sugar, spices extractives, black pepper, granulated garlic, Contains Less Than 2% sodium nitrite, lactic acid. Ships to APO and FPO Addresses.

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