Wooden Toy Carrier Jet

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This Wooden Toy Carrier Jet by Chickory Wood Products is a classic gift for a child or a collectible office accessory for any adult with an interest in airplanes. The Carrier Jet is handmade of maple and walnut hardwoods and has a removable pilot. This aircraft carrier jet design measures 6.5 inches long and 3 inches high with a 5 inch wingspan. It's a durable toy for any child, or can be used as a paper weight or decorative office item for an adult.

Each wooden toy is made with hardwoods (Maple and Walnut). Colors are all natural wood colors, no paint or stain is used. Each toy is finished with several coats of child-safe clear varnish to make them water resistant. Many have little people or removable parts, some have parts that swivel, raise and lower, or slide. Because only hardwoods are used in the construction of the toys, they are high quality and very durable. All toys are individually built and made from Chickory Wood Products designs.

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