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Award Winners Cheese Gift Box

Babcock Hall Dairy Store

$65.00 - $90.00
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This Award Winners Cheese Gift Box by Babcock Hall Dairy Store is an assortment of outstanding Wisconsin cheeses. The gift box contains one pound each of Marble Colby Jack, Holland Style Gouda, White Aged Cheddar, and Brick, all award winning cheeses.

Marble Colby Jack, also known as co-jack or calico, combines the delicate, buttery flavor of monterey jack with the light sweetness of colby cheese. Marble colby jack is very versatile and is great for shredding, sliced on sandwiches, burgers or in casseroles. It is a crowd-pleasing cheese for people of all ages.

Holland Style Gouda is a mild and buttery semi-soft cheese with a slightly nutty flavor. It melts smoothly and is a great addition to mashed potatoes, casseroles, soups, sliced apples, and sandwiches. It is also great for cheese platters. Holland Style is different from domestic style gouda as it develops eyes while curing.

White Aged Cheddar is aged a minimum of 12 months and has the same flavor and texture of yellow aged cheddar. The difference between white and yellow aged cheddars is the annatto coloring in yellow cheddar. White aged cheddar shreds and melts well. Try it in a cheese sauce for stuffed baked potatoes.

Brick is a native cheese to Wisconsin, originally created in Dodge County. Brick is a softer cheese with small holes and has a mildly sweet flavor. Being a softer cheese, it melts well and is very versatile. Try it as a substitute for mozzarella in your favorite dishes.

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