Wood Soap Dispenser

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These handcrafted wood Soap Dispensers can be used for dispensing liquid soaps or lotions. These soap dispensers are attractive accessories for your kitchen or bathroom and also are great gifts for just about any occasion! Overall dimensions are approximately 5 inches high and 3 inches square, which will hold a 6 oz. plastic bottle that can easily be removed from the bottom.

Your choice of solid black walnut with contrasting cherry top; or solid red oak with contrasting black walnut top. A daisy design has been cut into two sides of the wood box with a solid brass insert representing the flower's center. Felt dots are in place on the bottom to avoid scratching any surface. Different combinations of wood and the simple designs done with a band saw make these soap dispensers unique. The soap dispensers have been finished with a clear lacquer finish for lasting beauty.

Please note that no stain is used on any of our wood pieces. All woods are shown in their natural colors and are finished with a clear lacquer. The lacquer does not change the natural color of the wood. Cherry will naturally darken with age and become a deeper red. Walnut is a deep brown, and red oak is a light tan. Please take time to look at the photos, which illustrate the natural colors of the various woods.

Soap not included.