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Wisconsin Cheesemakers

Wisconsin Cheesemakers

Find out more about the Wisconsin cheesemakers, master cheesemakers and artisanal cheesemakers that represents:

Babcock Hall Dairy
  • The Babcock Hall Dairy Store was built in 1951 in Wisconsin.
  • Master Cheesemaker Gary Grossen creates award winning cheese for Babcock Hall.
  • Gary is specializes in Muenster, Brick, and Cheddar and is currently working on becoming a master in Gouda and Havarti.
  • Gary placed 2nd in the Brick cheese category at the 2011 US Championship Cheese contest.
  • University of Wisconsin students work hard to fill Babcock Hall Dairy orders for
Carr Valley Cheese
  • The Carr Family has been making cheese for over 100 years.
  • Owned and operated by Master Cheesemaker Sid Cook who has over 15 years of advanced training in cheesemaking.  
  • Sid received his cheesemaking license at the mild age of 16.
  • Carr Valley cheeses have won over 60 national and international awards.
  • Carr Valley produces over 100 different varieties of cheese including Cocoa Cardona- a one of a kind cheese rubbed with cocoa powder.
Cedar Grove Cheese
  • Cedar Grove was the first cheese producer to pledge that all products would be free of Bovine Growth Hormone.
  • Cedar Grove offers several certified organic cheese varieties include Mild Cheddar, Monterey Jack and Muenster. 376
  • Cedar Grove cares about the environment and cleans waste water leftover from the cheesemaking process.
  • Six certified cheesemakers supervise the cheesemaking process at Cedar Grove.
  • Cheesemaking at Cedar Grove begins at 11pm, and the process isn't finished until 9pm the next night.
Decatur Dairy
  • Decatur Dairy is a co-op with more than 70 members.
  • Master Cheesemaker Steve Stettler creates unique cheeses at Decatur Dairy.
  • Steve specializes in Brick, Farmer's, Havarti and Muenster cheese.
  • In the 2014 US Championship Cheese Contest Decatur Dairy won 2nd and 3rd place in Havarti/Flavored Havarti.
  • Cheese curds usually come in the cheddar variety, but Decatur Dairy makes a unique Muenster cheese curd.
Gile Cheese
  • The Carr Cheese Factory was purchased by the Gile family in 1946.
  • Owner Tim Gile is a third generation cheesemaker.
  • Gile Cheese has won over 200 awards. 
  • 75% of these awards are first place awards.
  • Tim's daughters assist in the cheesemaking, making Gile cheese a real family affair.
Harmony Specialty Dairy Foods
  • Harmony Specialty Diary Foods was established in 2007.
  • The dairy only uses milk from Harmony-Ho Farm which gives their cheese a consistent flavor and texture.
  • There are 450 Harmony-Ho Holsteins on their Stratford, Wisconsin farm.
  • Harmony specializes in British and Welsh inspired cheeses like Abergele, Caerphilly and more.
Hollands Family Cheese
  • Owned and operated by the Penterman Family who emigrated from the Netherlands in 2002.
  • Holland's Family Cheese is made using traditional Dutch methods.
  • Cheeses age for up to 60 days in a cellar with wooden shelves that came from Holland.
  • The dairy cows that produce the milk for Holland's Family cheese are pampered! They sleep on soft bedding and are cooled with fans in theWisconsin summer.
Jim's Cheese
  • Jim's cheese is considered the Cheese Cut Out Capital of the World.
  • The company sells 400-500 different cheese shapes made with real Wisconsin cheese.
  • Jim's cheese started in 1955 with their star item- a heart-shaped cheese.
  • Jim also specilized in artisan and aged cheddar.
  • In 1995 Jim opened a retail store in Waterloo, Wisconsin.
Mt. Sterling Cheese Company
  • Mt. Sterling is a member owned and operated cooperative.
  • The Co-Op is made up of over 40 family operated goat dairies.
  • Mt. Sterling cheesemakers have been making goat cheese since 1976 in Wisconsin.
  • Mt. Sterling goat cheese is 100% natural with no colorings or additives.
  • Each time milk is picked up from a Mt. Sterling goat dairy, it is sampled and tested for quality.
Old Tavern Cheese
  • Old Tavern Cheese was founded in 1926 by Paul Strong in Waukesha, Wisconsin.
  • Today, Old Tavern cheese is still a family owned and operated business.
  • Old Tavern sells off 200 different types of cheese but the Club Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread is by far the most popular.
  • The cheese is 100% real Wisconsin cheese that is made from blocks of aged
  • Wisconsin cheese that are shredded and blended and packed into containers.
  • Old Tavern cheese spread is best enjoyed at room temperature.
Pasture Pride Cheese
  • Pasture Pride uses milk from cows provided by Amish Farmers.
  • Pasture Pride specializes in baked cheeses called Juusto. 
  • Pasture Pride's Juusto comes in several varieties including Italian, Chipotle, Jalapeno and Guusto- a juusto made with goat's milk.
  • Master Cheesemaker Tom Torkelson oversees cheesemaking at Pasture Pride, in Wisconsin.
  • Tom is a master in Brick and Muenster Cheese varieties.
Emmi Roth USA Ltd
  • Emmi Roth makes artisan cheese in both American and European traditions.
  • Kase is the German word for cheese.
  • The Kase family began making cheese in Switzerland in 1863.
  • In 1991 Felix and Ulrich Roth and Fermo Jaeckle came to Wisconsin to start Roth Kase USA.
  • Won over 100 regional, national, and international awards.
Zimmerman Cheese, Inc.
  • The Zimmerman family has been making cheese in Wisconsin since the 1930s.
  • The passion for cheesemaking has been carried on through 3 generations of Zimmermans' cheesemakers.
  • The plant produces over 40,000 pounds of cheese per day.
  • 60 local dairies provide milk for Zimmerman Cheese.
  • Zimmerman Cheese won multiple awards at the 2010 World Cheese Championship.
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