Lou and Peter Berryman

Sing and Dance to Wisconsin Folk Musicians

Madison, Wisconsin. Lou and Peter Berryman have been writing lyrics, composing melodies and recording songs for over 25 years. They had their first band (a folky band) in high school in 1964. Then, in college, they had their second band (a jug band). They became a full-time musical duo based in Madison, Wisconsin in 1977. In 1980, they recorded the first of twelve original albums. Yah Hey features original songs about Wisconsin.

A fabric and fiber artist with a degree in art history, Lou Berryman plays piano-accordion, button accordion, piano, harpsichord, banjo, viola de gamba, saxophone, lute and guitar. She writes the melodies for the duo's music. Peter Berryman plays 12 string guitar and writes the lyrics. He is also an illustrator and photographer.

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    Lou and Peter Berryman