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Kaiser Farms

Ginseng Products to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Mosinee, Wisconsin. Kaiser Farms is a family-owned and operated company. For over 20 years, the Kaiser family has been involved in the ginseng industry  growing, processing, and selling ginseng and other natural products. In addition, the Kaiser family has been using Wisconsin ginseng for years to prevent illness and disease.

Ginseng is an herb with health-enhancing benefits and has been used in the Far East for over 5000 years. The ginseng grown in Wisconsin is the highest quality with the highest level of ginsenosides, the active ingredients. Because of the soil and climate conditions in Marathon County, north central Wisconsin is ideal for growing the herb. Over 95% of U.S. ginseng is grown here with most being exported to the Far East.

According to the Kaiser family: "Good health is not something that is just given to you; you need to work for it." Kaiser Farms Wisconsin ginseng can help you do that.