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A Gift of Wood

A Gift of Wood

a-gift-of-wood.pngHandcrafted Knife Blocks, Jewelry Boxes and Mirrors

Northwoods, Wisconsin. Woodworking has been part of the lives of Bob and Betsy St. Clair since the 1970s. After they got "sticker shock" looking at furniture prices, Bob said, "I could make something like that!"

He set up a woodworking shop in the basement of their home and started making furniture for his home, friends and family. After encouragement from others, he tried his luck with art fairs, which proved successful. He used the money to purchase quality woodworking machines. 

The St. Clair's built a new home in 10 acres of scenic woodlands in the rolling hills of southern Wisconsin. Bob now has a shop separate from the house (to Betsy's glee). They continue to participate in art fairs and recently joined the .com generation by partnering with WisconsinMade. Their goal remains the same after all these years: Quality workmanship in construction and finishing, customer satisfaction and reasonable prices.