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Nordic Creamery

Handcrafted Award-Winning Cheese and Butter

Westby, Wisconsin. Nordic Creamery is a family run business. Award-winning cheesemaker and buttermaker, Al Bekkum and his family live on the Bekkum Farmstead, owned and operated by their family since immigration from Norway in 1917. The Bekkum Farmstead is located among Norwegian Settlers in Westby, Wisconsin. With lush, green hills and valleys, this Driftless region is recognized for its fertile soil and exceptional grazing land, making their cheese and butter second to none.

Al Bekkum is a licensed Wisconsin butter maker and cheesemaker, crafting some of the finest, award-winning goat and cow's milk artisan cheese in Wisconsin. Nordic Creamery received multiple gold and silver awards at national and international competitions including the American Cheese Society, U.S. Cheesemakers Association, and the World Cheese Awards.

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