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CheeseCake Heaven

Take a Bite and Ascend to CheeseCake Heaven

Green Bay, Wisconsin.Let's face it: if you have been making award-winning cheesecake for over 11 years and have a name like CheeseCake Heaven, you'd better have bar none the best cheesecake on earth.

CheeseCake Heaven does and it shows in every variety, every day, every month, every year. That's a lot of Wisconsin cheesecake, and a lot of smiles on a lot of people. CheeseCake Heaven follows a simple idea when it comes to cheesecake: use the best, freshest ingredients possible and make in small, handmade batches to ensure freshness and quality. In other words, quality and care goes in so the finished product shows it in every bit. They don't just bring your cheesecake experience to the next level, they take you to CheeseCake Heaven.