Wisconsin Simply Beautiful - Book

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Wisconsin Simply Beautiful collects some of their best photography of historic sites, river and farm life, characteristic landscapes, the weather's many moods and grand seasonal changes. For Darryl R. Beers and RJ & Linda Miller, exploring their home state of Wisconsin is a continuing pleasure. The images in Wisconsin Simply Beautiful provide a colorful invitation for rambles around Wisconsin, whether by armchair, footpath, canoe, or highway. Come on along!

Besides capturing just the right moment on film, the photographers hope their work will have another effect on viewers. As the Millers write, "Our goal is to encourage the truly adventurous to grab their cameras and explore the terrain." And Darryl R. Beers expresses his hope that viewers "might be inspired to do a little meandering of your own."

Hardcover, 11 "x 12", full color photos. 119 pages. ISBN 9781560371854