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A2 Cheddar Cheese 6 Pack

Nordic Creamery

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Cheddar Cheese
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The A2 Cheddar Cheese 6 Pack by Nordic Creamery contains 6 packages of 8 ounce packages of 100% A2/A2 Milk Cheddar Cheese. Six pack of A2 Cheddars includes 3 packages of Original White Cheddar and 3 packages of Colored Cheddar. The A2 Milk used to make this fine cheddar cheese is free of the A1 Beta Casein and is instead made with A2 Casein, making cheese easier to digest for people with lactose issues.

Three 8 oz packages of Original White Cheddar
Three 8 oz packages of Colored Cheddar

Nordic Creamery A2 Cheddar is handcrafted in small batches utilizing milk only from the Driftless Region in Wisconsin, strictly from farms milking no more than 60 cows.

Allergy statement: Contains: Milk. Colored cheddar is colored with annatto

Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, cultures, salt, enzymes, annatto coloring (if colored).

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