Bruce the Goose - Book

Wolf's Vision Nature Photography

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Bruce the Goose is a delightful, educational children's book by Brian Wolf of Wolf's Vision Nature Photography. Join Bruce, the Canada Goose, as he grows up on Horicon Marsh and prepares to fly south for the winter. Also, meet some of the other inhabitants he encounters as he explores the marsh with his family. This book includes thirty-seven of Brian's various photos taken at the famed Horicon Marsh in Wisconsin.

Author: Brian Wolf
Children's book
Soft cover - 8.5 in. x 8.5 in.
37 color photographs by Brian Wolf
ISBN 9780984280926

Book Author Bio

Brian Wolf of Wolf's Vision Nature Photography is from Kenosha, Wisconsin. He enjoys being outdoors and has photographed nature for many years. His photography has taken him to parks, natural areas, wildlife refuges and many of our country's National Parks. Brian enjoys sharing his photos with others by designing Christmas Cards, calendars, note cards and other items. In addition, he has included his nature photographs in several books that he has published.