Crumb Cake and Coffee Cake Mix Assortment

Willow Creek Mill

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The Crumb Cake and Coffee Cake Mix Assortment includes dry baking mixes to make Blueberry Crumb Cake, Apple Cinnamon Crumb Cake and Raspberry Swirl Coffee Cake (each 19 oz). These cake mixes by Willow Creek Mill bake into delicious cakes with home-baked flavor. The Crumb Cake and Coffee Cake Mix Assortment will add to your Easter, Christmas or other holiday breakfast. The Assortment is also a great gift for anyone who enjoys baking.

Willow Creek Mill baking mixes are made of the finest stone ground flours and ingredients and contain no preservatives or additives. Only the finest ingredients are used to ensure old-fashioned goodness and satisfaction. Each cake mix makes one 9 in. x 9 in. cake. No preservatives or additives.

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