Discover! America's Great River Road, Vol. 1 - Book

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Travel Guide

Discover! America's Great River Road, Volume 1, by Pat Middleton is the first volume in a trilogy of books about the Mississippi River. This is an indispensable guide to traveling the Mississippi River and the Great River Road between St. Paul, Minnesota and Dubuque, Iowa with information about river access, bed and breakfasts, riverside cafes, historic & natural history notes.

Paperback book (5.5 in. x 8.5 in.) is newly updated. ISBN 0978-0-9711602-2-4

Pat Middleton is a Wisconsin author, publisher, and lecturer who lives along the Mississippi River near LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Her life-long interest in the history and heritage of this mighty river inspired her to write DISCOVER! America's Great River Road. Pat offers diverse information, riverlore, and unique travel tips about the area "bounded by, nurtured by, and challenged by the great river."