Kohler Chocolates Sweet Discovery Gift Tower

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The Kohler Chocolates Sweet Discovery Gift Tower is a unique collection of expertly crafted chocolate gems by Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates. This 3-box tower includes several decadent chocolate confections - Variety Rare Facets, Variety Terrapins, and Platinum Chocolates. The Variety Rare Facets is a 32-piece box of gem-shaped dark chocolates paired with rich flavors of Sour Cherry, Cranberry-Raspberry, Blueberry, Pineapple, Mandarin Ginger and Pomegranate. The Variety Terrapins is a 9-piece box containing all four Terrapin flavors: Original Buttery, Cranberry, Blackstrap, and Java. The Original Buttery Terrapin is a blend of milk chocolate, pecans and smoky caramel. The Cranberry Terrapin is cranberries in raspberry caramel and white chocolate. The Blackstrap Terrapin is walnuts and raisins embedded in molasses and dark chocolate. The Java Terrapin is pecans and mocha beans in smoky caramel and coffee flavor. The Platinum Chocolates are dark chocolate shells filled with smoky, soothing pecans and caramel, then sprayed with cocoa butter to provide a platinum sheen. The Sweet Discovery Gift Tower will be a striking and delicious gift for any recipient.

Gift Tower - 3 boxes
Variety Rare Facets - 32 pieces, 19.5 oz.
Variety Terrapins - 9 pieces, 10.9 oz.
Platinum - 4 pieces, 2.8 oz.
Shelf life - 3 months