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Let's Get Ready for Kindergarten - English/Spanish Edition - Book

Cedar Valley Publishing

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Let's Get Ready for Kindergarten by Stacey Kannenberg is available in an English/Spanish edition. This great book by is a helpful teaching aid to parents, kids and teachers preparing for Kindergarten. The brightly illustrated and durable book provides both English and Spanish text. Each page is laid out with each section written in English next to the Spanish translation. Help get your little one ready for school and prepare for what Kindergarten will be like. Created for children ages 2-6.

Brightly illustrated, interactive book includes 32 pages. Published by Cedar Valley Publishing. ISBN 9781933476056

Cedar Valley Publishing began in 2004 as a way for two stay-at-home moms to help get their own kids ready for that first day of school. In November of 2005, Stacey Kannenberg began flying solo as a Mom CEO inspired by Oprah to help empower parents to get involved in the education of their kids with the entire solution to "no child left behind." If two brothers from Ohio can change the face of aviation, then why can't a mom from Wisconsin tackle education?

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