Neapolitan Smoked Atlantic Salmon Sampler

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The Neapolitan Smoked Atlantic Salmon Sampler offers three of the most popular taste varieties. No one can resist this appetizing array of traditional Smoked Salmon, Cajun Spice Smoked Salmon, and Three Peppered Smoked Salmon. The salmon are prepared with natural herbs, fruits, sugar and spices to bring special tastes and flavors to the prize salmon.The package contains three portions totalling approximately 2-1/2 lbs. The Neapolitan Smoked Atlantic Salmon Sampler needs to be consumed within 21 days of the smoked date which is indicated on the package. Packaged in a clear vacuum-pack pouch suitable for freezing.

Salmon Sampler
Traditional Smoked Salmon - 1 lb.
Cajun Spice Smoked Salmon - 1 lb.
Three Peppered Smoked Salmon - 1 lb.
Consume within 21 days of smoked date or freeze up to 6 months