Pewter Shelf Accent - Musky

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The Musky Pewter Shelf Accent by artist Andy Schumann gives any room the feeling of Up North in Wisconsin. Choose from three highly detailed sculptures of a musky hand-crafted in lead-free pewter - Musky and Reeds, Musky and Rocks, and Musky and Log. Each decorative pewter, one-sided shelf accent adds an artistic touch to any office. The back side is hollowed out. Place it on a mantel, shelf, or bookcase that provides a good lookout point for this majestic northern lake fish.

Pewter Shelf Accent - Musky
Choose Musky Relief from Option dropdown above
Relief 1 - Musky and Reeds
Relief 2 - Musky and Rocks
Relief 3 - Musky and Log
Each Relief measures approximately 4 in. tall by 4 in. wide
One-sided relief; back side is hollowed out
Lead-free pewter