Tropical Rum Nut Crown Cake

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The Tropical Rum Nut Crown Cake is a recipe perfectly blending sweet spiced rum in a mixture of cane brown sugar, golden walnuts and caramelized coconut shavings. This moist and flavorful crown cake is finished with a brown sugar glaze and sprinkled with pecans. The Tropical Rum Nut Crown Cake by O&H Danish Bakery will take right back to the tropics.

1 Tropical Rum Nut Crown Cake - 1 lb. 10 oz.
Serves 8-12
Available March through August only
Allergy Information: Product contains nuts or has been in contact with surfaces where nuts are processed.
This crown cake freezes well in the packaging that it arrives in. For best results after freezing allow the crown cake to come completely to room temperature before removing from the package.