Who Got Lilly's Swimsuit? - Book

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Who Got Lilly's Swimsuit? Is a children's book by author Kim Heinrichs, a former elementary school teacher in Wisconsin. What would a raccoon want with a swimsuit? Follow the adventures of Lilly's missing suit after it disappears from Grandma's deck. Follow its trail through the woods. Will Lilly's swimsuit find its way back home and how? This book is suitable for children ages three through eight.

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Author: Kim Heinrichs
Hardcover - 8.5 in. x 8.5 in.
32 pages
Children's book - suitable for ages 4-8
ISBN: 9781942586111
Published by Little Creek Press

Kim Heinrichs taught elementary school for 34 years in Belmont, Wisconsin where she resides with her husband Ken. They raised their three children in the home they built in the woods. A prairie and nature enthusiast, she helps maintain the prairie at the Belmont School and enjoys substitute teaching. Her greatest joys are her family and grandchildren.