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Wisconsin Historic Map - Driftless Region

Great River Arts and Publishing

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The Wisconsin Historic Map of the Driftless Region by artist Lisa Middleton of Great River Arts and Publishing is a detailed mapping of the region (11 in. x 14 in.). The Driftless Region is a beautiful and diverse landscape that is like no other. It is the unglaciated area of western Wisconsin, northeastern Iowa, northwestern Illinois, and southeastern Minnesota. The area is considered Driftless because it was not shaped by the movement of glaciers thousands of years ago. A part of the attraction to the region is the forested hillsides that extend into deeply carved river valleys that cut into limestone bedrocks. The Driftless Area is a strange combination of plateau, deep river gorges, sinkholes, bluffs, and rocky masses. Gift print arrives nicely packaged, and rolled for easy, standard framing. This Wisconsin Historic Map - Driftless Region makes a great gift and is easy to frame.

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