Heirloom Wooden Baby Rattle

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This Heirloom Wooden Baby Rattle by DHH designs will become a family heirloom to be enjoyed by generations. Each wooden baby rattle is handcrafted by David H. Haessig in his northern Wisconsin studio and features Wisconsin cherry wood mixed with accents of oak, maple, black walnut and African Padauk. The accents in each wood baby rattle will vary. Wood is a natural material and variations in color and grain may occur. The finish on each Heirloom Baby Rattle is non-toxic and "baby safe". Rattles are 5-1 / 4 in. long, 1-1 / 2 in. deep and 1-3 / 4 in. across their widest part - a safe size for infants. Sturdy construction ensures this baby rattle will last for generations to come.

This product meets FHSA (Federal Hazardous Substances Act) requirements for rattles. Certification of Bureau Veritas available on file at

11 Reviews

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    Happy Baby

    Posted by Judith K. on Jul 26th 2017

    The Heirloom Wooden Baby Rattle was the hit of the Baby Shower. As it was passed around there were so many excellent comments on quality, most beautiful rattle I have ever seen, were can I get one...this is the most unique gift ever..comments. A true gift, quality is unsurpassed and I have many beautiful wood pieces and know quality work. Thank you for such a gift.

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    loved it.

    Posted by Nancy on May 20th 2014

    The first toy my son played with constantly. I love how the center is the perfect size for a little hand. Keeping it forever.

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    Posted by Sandra on Dec 28th 2012

    I am more than pleased with the Heirloom rattle I ordered from It came fast and was simply gorgeous. I also like the fact that it is a Wisconsin made product. I will order from your website again.

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    Beautiful! And babies LOVE these!

    Posted by GSC on Nov 26th 2011

    We received this Heirloom Wooden Rattle when I got pregnant with my son. As soon as he was able to grab anything, he could be found shaking it and giggling all the time. He loved it so much that, if we put it slightly out of his reach, he would scoot toward it - this rattle became his prime motivator in learning to crawl! He's 2 1/2 now and still likes to shake it to his favorite songs. We buy one for all our close friends and family members who have a baby on the way!

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    Great One year old gift

    Posted by Sandy on Feb 3rd 2011

    I gave this to friends that have a one year it was his birthday gift. I was a huge hit.Dad open the box and the child took it right from daddy!!

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    Tiny hands can hold it

    Posted by Emily on Oct 11th 2010

    We were given a rattle for my first son and we decided to buy one for each of our other two sons because we liked them so much. It is easy for the baby to hold onto because it is narrow in the center. Their tiny hands have no problem gripping the rattle even at an age younger than 2 months. My two oldest boys want their rattles now that they see their younger brother playing with his. Thank you

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    great rattle

    Posted by Emily on Aug 25th 2010

    We love the product and each of our three sons has one. They are great.

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    Baby Loves It!

    Posted by Sonja on Oct 19th 2009

    I received one of these rattles when I was pregnant. Not only is it beautiful and perfectly crafted, but it was the first toy our baby played with and he still loves it at 7 months. It is now our standard baby gift, and everyone we have sent it to loves it.

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    Baby can hold on to it!

    Posted by Emily on Apr 7th 2009

    My husband and I love the rattle. It is the only one that a baby can hold onto. Other rattles are too big or have too much stuff for our children to hold onto. Thank you very much.

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    Love our new family heirloom!

    Posted by Lisa on May 30th 2008

    I love this rattle! I'm sure it will be in our family for years to come.

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    Beautiful & classic.

    Posted by Mary on Mar 14th 2008

    This is a beautiful and classic rattle that I hope will stay in our family for years to come.