Heirloom Wooden Baby Rattle

DHH Designs

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Our Heirloom Wooden Baby Rattle by DHH Designs is made of natural wood materials and is the perfect size for precious little hands. This quality gift will become a family heirloom to be enjoyed by generations. The Heirloom Wooden Baby Rattle is appealing and catches the eye without being over-stimulating. Perfect for encouraging gross motor movement. Place the baby rattle nearby during tummy time so your baby can move and reach it.

Each wooden baby rattle is handcrafted by David H. Haessig in his northern Wisconsin studio and features Wisconsin cherry wood mixed with accents of oak, maple, black walnut and African Padauk. The accents in each wood baby rattle will vary. The finish on each Heirloom Baby Rattle is non-toxic and "baby safe". Rattles are 5-1/4 in. long, 1-1/2 in. deep and 1-3/4 in. across their widest part -- a safe size for infants. Sturdy construction ensures this baby rattle will last for generations to come.

This product meets FHSA (Federal Hazardous Substances Act) requirements for rattles. Certification of Bureau Veritas available on file at Wisconsinmade.com.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the product or service you receive, we will replace the product or refund the amount of your purchase. Contact us using the Customer Concern Form, or e-mail WisconsinMade Customer Service at info@WisconsinMade.