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Forest Floor Foods

Pickled Mushrooms and Other Cocktail Garnishes

Eden, Wisconsin. Forest Floor Foods originated as Gourmets Delight 22 years ago. Back then, they were a mushroom farm in central Wisconsin noted for their taste, texture and pure white appearance. Their success in mushroom growing and a demand for great-tasting pickled mushrooms led them to start Forest Floor Foods pickled products. 

Forest Floor Foods officially started in 1996 with three flavors of pickled mushrooms. Within seven months, they won Best of Show for flavor and Best Packaging at the Midwest Specialty Food Show in Milwaukee. With this success and more demands, their product line expanded to include more pickled products and cocktail garnishes. 

Their true success is in their diverse clientele, which range from famous landmarks like the Waldorf Hotel in New York City to thousands of loyal customers nationwide. Many things have changed in the 20 years since their start, but their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is not one of them.