Holiday Party Cheese and Sausage Gift Box

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The Northwoods Cheese Company Holiday Party Cheese and Sausage Gift Box features pasteurized process cheese products and beef summer sausages all packed in a ready-to-ship box. This delicious assortment of snacking treats features Wisconsin summer sausage, cheese food, and cheese spread! (See full list of items below.) Cheese and Sausage are gluten-free. Because these foods need no refrigeration until opened, you can keep them on hand until you decide it's time for a party. Shelf life for Pasteurized Process Cheese is 12 months and sausage is 9 months. It's a perfect and delicious holiday gift!

On rare occasions, or during warm weather, or during the holidays, a product of equal or greater value may be substituted if a listed product becomes unavailable or is unsuitable for shipping. Ships to APO and FPO Addresses.


Northwoods Cheese Swiss bar - 7 oz.

Northwoods Cheese Cheddar bar - 7 oz.

Northwoods Cheese Brie Spread - 3.75 oz.

Northwoods Cheese Camembert Spread - 3.75 oz.

Bavaria Summer Sausage - 7 oz.

Bavaria Summer Sausage - 7 oz.

4 assorted Lost Acres Mustards - 1.4 oz each

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