Deluxe Chocolate Splendor Gift Tower

Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates

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The Deluxe Chocolate Splendor Gift Tower by Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates is a unique collection of expertly crafted chocolates. This 3-box tower includes several decadent chocolate confections - Variety Terrapins, Platinum Chocolates, and Variety Garden Ganache. The Variety Terrapins is a 32-piece box of specialty chocolate turtles, a perfect blend of chocolate, nuts and caramel. The Platinum Chocolates is a 9-piece box of dark chocolate shells filled with smoky, soothing pecans and caramel, then sprayed with cocoa butter to provide a platinum sheen. The Variety Garden Ganache are four hand painted milk chocolates filled with a variety of enticing fillings. The Deluxe Chocolate Splendor Gift Tower will be a striking and delicious gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day or any special occasion.

Gift Tower - 3 boxes
Variety Terrapins - 32 pieces, 32.3 oz.
Platinum Chocolates - 9 pieces, 6.4 oz.
Variety Garden Ganache - 4 pieces, 1.7 oz.
Shelf life - 3 months